What We Do

people working together

The Capacity Collaborative will pursue three related goals:

  1. Share learning between participating nonprofits to increase effectiveness
  2. Identify sector wide opportunities for collaborative capacity building
  3. Execute the most impactful capacity building projects (with investments by participating funders)

1. The first initiative of the Collaborative is to conduct an Individual Fundraising Capacity Analysis on each member. This Capacity Analysis will generate useful knowledge and actions for the individual members. The Analysis will be conducted by Consulting Within Reach.

2. The findings will be aggregated and synthesized to produce a picture of the main needs facing our sector in regards to individual fundraising. The Collaborative will reconvene in some fashion to develop further consensus on the most critical organizational capacity needs.

3. Based on the above and working together as nonprofits, funders, and consultants, we plan on executing a few projects that will reinvent the ways that nonprofits grow.