Ecosystem Mapping Proposal

Santa Clara County and several members of the Collaborative joined with other leading foundations to propose a project to build a tool to facilitate collaboration and data driven funding decisions.

Santa Clara County has applied to a federal stimulus program for funding to build a Services Ecosystem Map (SEM) in the county.  Partnering with Consulting Within Reach, the County would build the SEM and deliver consulting services in strategic planning, marketing, and a select number of nonprofits

The SEM would map several key data points such as:

  • Geographic scope of services
  • Type of services
  • Funding sources
  • Relationships to other nonprofits (i.e. collaboration, competition, referral, etc.)
  • Role played in the intervention model on the given issue (i.e. safety net, prevention, intervention, etc.)

The goal is to create a web based tool that would empower data-driven decisions by funders and strategic planning by nonprofits.

Collaborative members expressed support for the project, as did other stakeholders including the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, United Way, and the Silicon Valley Council of Nonprofits.

For a more detailed description of the SEM and the overall project, download the attached document.

Download document: application_text_eco_map_final.pdf